Natural Magic

This album is about ecology, our ability to transform the earth by understanding and co-existing with the natural forces within and without us.

Serpent in the Spring
1 Magonia (9:02)
2   Big Sun (6:19)
3   Innerscape (7:09)
4   N’sasi’s Fire Feast (4:45)
5 O Su O (6:21)
6 Mysterious Waters (4:56)
7   Sphinx’s Riddle (8:57)
8   Hole in the Earth (7:33)
9   Delicate Balance (5:34)
10   Natural Magic (10:50)
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1. Magonia: The audio vision of the mysterious cloud land, Magonia. See for explanation and imagery of Magonia.

2. Big Sun: In mythology, our sun was a respected entity, driven across the sky by horse-drawn chariot.

3. Innerscape: An exploration of the three worlds of existence: The Overworld - the star world from which the earth originated. The Underworld - the watery realm of mutable dreams. The Surfaceworld - the realm of conscious thought and action. The unification of these three worlds creates a holistic existence.

4. N’sasi’s Fire Feast: In the ancient Congo, N’sasi was the God of Lightning and Fire. Pulsating energy of pure heat.

5. O Su O: A celebration honoring Orisha Oshun, African Venus, goddess of the fresh waters, love and beauty. A song of adoration sung in ancient Yoruba. Lyrics: We praise you with hello! In one voice. One hello! One voice. Mother, you who always comes to crown the owner of illustriousness you redeem. My mother is the owner of the river. The owner of creation is always Mother. Mother, owner of the world, produces the tradition. Give birth to children spring, fill the house with strength. You sprout abundantly yes. Power enter the house, swell goodness.

6. Mysterious Waters: Dark and flowing, deep and swirling…

7. Sphinx’s Riddle: The ancient Sphinx guards the knowledge and secrets of the planet’s preservation.

8. Hole in the Earth: Deep within are the Fae, or Sidhe, the invisibles whose self-imposed task is to work with us to preserve the planet. The composition concludes with a swirling ruckus Faery raid when the dead are gathered up and driven across the night sky, accompanied by the Fae’s loyal hounds and steeds. Lyrics: There’s a hole in the earth and there’s people down there, people in the ocean and people in the air. People in the mountains and people in the woods, asking us to treat the planet like we should. There’s a hole in the earth and there’s people down there. You might see them in your dreams or the corner of your eye. They come around dawn and the dusk twilight. The sense of their existence - we need to be aware. Ride, ride, ride, Sidhe ride, all across the valley and into the night. Ride, ride, gather up the dead. Bring them home so things will be right. Ride, ride, ride, Sidhe ride. Ride across the hills and into the night. Bring them home, their bones will make the land. There’s a hole in the earth and there’s people down there, children of the stars, astral light beings. The sum of our existence is totally intertwined. The proof of their existence is betwixt and between.

9. Delicate Balance: Why do we treat the earth in abusive ways we would not inflict on those we love. It is not too late to cease the exploitation of our resources, for the sake of ourselves and our children, and rectify our mistakes. Lyrics: Would you choke off the air of the children you breed, snap their windpipes like a dried river reed? Would you rip out the lungs of the mother you love, leave her organs to dry from the heat of the sun? Why would you do it to Her? Would you cut off the legs of the father you know, make him crawl on his hands to drink the last drop of snow? Would you pluck out the eyes of your sister and brother, inflict this torture on all of the others? Why would you do it to Her? Billa binga bonga bang. Bama bonga binga bong. Do dinga danga, do dinga dong. We’ve got to stop! Don’t make no more mistakes. No more mistakes we can take. No more mistakes. No more mistakes. No more mistakes we can take. What are the ramifications of the situation that reduces the air all our children will breathe? But it’s not too late if we started today to rectify all that we’ve made. Why don’t we do it for Us? Treasures and secrets await at our feet. Let the pharmacy in the woods meet all of our needs. Give up the death wish. There’s a cure for every malady. Not with the death wish we dance on embracing. Have it your way. Have it your way, for our favorite diseases, for our favorite diseases.

10. Natural Magic: Celebrates the four elements. Understanding our relationship with each of them allows us to understand ourselves. Earth movement, Water movement, Air movement, Fire movement.


Serpent in the Spring

This album is about mythology…ancient reasoning for modern application.

Serpent in the Spring
1   Living (On Earth) with Titans & Giants / The Moon Song of Titaness Phoebe (7:49)
2 Serpent in the Spring (7:19)
3   Sachamama’s Skin (6:27)
4 The Moon Inside (6:20)
5   Dragon Trails (2:25)
6   Opening (6:00)
7   Inana’s Dessert (5:58)
8   The Cure (7:45)
9 Eyes of Claws (6:47)
10   Eros’ Rose (5:59)
11   Path of Still Darkness (6:59)
12   Gods with Horns (4:58)
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1. Living (On Earth) with Titans & Giants / The Moon Song of Titaness Phoebe: Early creation myths look to giant entities whose body parts became the geological features of the earth, as in Yrim, the Norse God whose body was used to form the earth, or the Yoruba Orisha Aganju, the volcano, known for great strength and the ability to bring about drastic change. The moon was the realm of Titaness Phoebe.

2. Serpent in the Spring: Contractual obligations between spirits and humans for protection and nurturance must be honored. The serpent is a provider spirit, ie; Damballah, the Loa of Creation, bestowing powerful blessings, or Ouroboros, the snake consuming it’s tail, constantly creating itself and representing the cyclical nature of things. Lyrics: We meet in cool waters, lapping fingers touch kind shores, satisfy the hunger and thirst of dry terrain. Welcome smoothness, swirling deepness, useless garments fall away, revealing gifts below. The sprinkle and the drizzle and the rushing flood, wetness of the whistle, dear dampness. Farmer met a maiden who walked from the lake with pigs and cows and goats. She said she’d be his forever. “I’ll bear you three sons” said she, “but if you strike me thrice, I’ll take flight and I’ll take the animals with me.” Beautiful fluid giving fountains of natural consort, powerful concern, vigilance that comes with a promise.

3. Sachamama’s Skin: Associated with the South and the element of fire; from South and Central America. The cycle of the shedding skin represents new growth and the refinement of consciousness.

4. The Moon Inside: About the coconut; dark on one side, white on the other, filled with milky fluid, as symbol of the moon and its magical properties.

5. Dragon Trails: In China and other parts of the Orient, the dragon was associated with wisdom, power and prosperity. A mountain whose profile resembled the dragon was an auspicious geological symbol.

6. Opening: A microcosmic look into the evolution of the lotus, from bud to bloom, intertwined with the sounds of elemental spirits and faeries.

7. Inana’s Dessert: The pomegranate was the forbidden fruit of the underworld of which Inana partook, resulting in her cyclical banishment from the world above, explaining the sequence of fertile and barren seasons. Later similar myths include Persephone.

8. The Cure: A compilation of myths about the strawberry and its attributes. Lyrics: In the Nord country where icicles grow, Mother Frigga carried away the souls of babies who passed, in cradles made of strawberries. To her comfortable loving hall, it wouldn’t take very long to be with her favorites in the clouds. Sky Woman and Earth Man lived in a garden of trees and sand, the One created a life for them with trials and treats. Not unlike the fruit, to prickle the finger, a sweet trickle across the tongues of the couple in the garden of love. Hail Berry, full of juice, love is with thee. Blessed were the monks who painted her image with leaves and stems and the luscious, shiny texture of your rosy red skin. In medieval times it wasn’t beer or wine, that induced a night of passion and love, but the tiny seed of the strawberry. Maidens didn’t know, offerings of fruit in the bowl, contained enough zinc to raise a healthy libido… Venus cried when Adonis died. Sweet strawberries grew where teardrops lie.

9. Eyes of Claws: Associated with the West and element of water. The Jaguar walks between the physical and spiritual worlds by diving into the waters of transcendence.

10. Eros’ Rose: The ancient, likable, playful and pranksterish Eros, God of Attraction for all species, later known as Cupid.

11. Path of Still Darkness: The watchdog Garm protects the still domain of the dark, dangerous and beautiful Goddess of the underworld (ie Hel, Oya, Dea-nah, Manea). The stillness is the contemplative predecessor of vision, inspiration and creativity.

12. Gods with Horns: Ancient benevolent horned spirits were maligned by association with the devil, their helpful characteristics superceded by fear and distrust. Lyrics: In hollowed halls, on jungle floors, cross desert sand, in sacred groves, make our demands, tell what we need, face the other side, ask gods with horns. In ancient times there were stories told, mighty and majestic power, graces of the great horned ones. Their vision was clear, magic of bull, goat and deer. Offerings were made, hoping for a better day. Veles helps the cattle to thrive. God Pan brought success to the hunt. Cennunous allowed the crops to grow. Higher thought from Baphomet. Missionaries tried to dull the power of the horn; gave the devil his points, placing fear in the heart of man. Forget the old ways, this new god will bring salvation. Would they still love Jesus if he sported a pair of horns?