What causes those rumblings beyond distant clouds, mysterious onslaughts of driving rain and hail, brought about by approaching storms?  Who inhabits that city in the clouds, those elusive peoples, sailors of the sky, those of Magonia Are these the weather witches and wizards of ancient lore, responsible for plundering vital crops of grain, providing their own sustenance?  Occasional missing homelander, disappearing of precious livestock, blamed on their treacherous design.


The Mambo, The Soothsayer, The Magi, and Forest Woman escaped ignorant persecution by creating this magical realm, hidden in yonder clouds, while ancient man rumored this was the abode of powerful weather spirits who could be angered or appeased with sincere offerings; bread and cakes. 

The musical composition "Magonia" comprises four movements, each portraying a different aspect of the Magonian myth.

First Movement, opening scene: Fleet of cloud ships, "Hailmen and Lightning Women" pilot fantastic sailing ships from behind the storm clouds, performing their command; weather magic for a greater altruistic purpose.

Second Movement: "City in the Clouds". Here we are given a glimpse of mythological Magonia with its beatiful gardens and incredible halls. Magical air creates a glamour like no other. Original temples of Apollo glimmer high above, whose possible illustrious bloodline populates this awesome land.

Third Movement:  "Hail Makers". A possible connection with the Norse Iceworld Nifelheim, strange creatures are hard at work breaking ice into chunks of hail to be hurled onto helpless Earth as humans run for safety. The relentless pelting is expressed by a tumultuous drum solo.

Fourth Movement: "Veils of Rain". Rapidly we loose sight of the fabulous realm, Magonia. Memories of its shine, fading beyond our grasp...


Audio vision of the mysterious cloud land Magonia. (see article " Magonia" in Other section)