The Directions

While transversing The Crossroads, we discover some essential features; they are the four major directions (actually up and down and center are included as points of consciousness).  Like spices in a soup, they season each individual facing.  Some cooling, some heating, some cleansing, and so on.  Great consideration should be taken in choosing the proper direction for a specific operation, whether it be for magic, absorbing creative inspiration, even planniAfrican Dkenga depicting Directions, carved on the placement of a front door.  Much can be gained by concentrating or meditating on each of these streams of consciousness.  Even in Augurism, birds or animals, seen, or coming from a certain direction, may predict a future event.

The first of these portals, or zones, if you will, is the direction East.  This is the facing of new beginnings and birth.  Generally the color associated with the East is yellow.  Intuition and divinatory skills are enhanced, along with creativity and communication on all levels.  The Sun, Spring and Dawn are celebrated here.  Cabalistic Archangel Raphael and the ancient Persian Starlord Aldebaran, guard and watch this territory.  Call the Roman inspired east wind Eurus for assistance.  The Sylphs are the elementals that exist here.

Next is the direction South.  Purification happens here, associated with Fire.  Strength is awakened, availing the ability to overcome obstacles.  The color of South is red.  Change, protection and self-empowerment are magnified.  Summer, The Sun at it's zenith and mid-day, add vitalness to this facing.  Cabalistic Archangel Michael and the Persian Starlord Regulus guard and watch this territory.  Notus, the south wind, can assist in this facing.  Salamanders are the elelmentals living here.

The third direction, West, is connected with visions and dreams.  Emotions, imagination, also the creative arts, are magnified along with the influence of water and the feminine.  The color blue is associated with the West.  Higher compassion, cleansing and renewals, stregthen at all levels.  Fall, Dusk and The Moon are associated with this facing.  Cabalistic Archangel Gabriel and the ancient Starlord Antares guard and watch this territory.  The west wind, Zephyus, will assist along with water elementals, Undines and Nymphs.

Lastly we have the deep, aluring direction North.  All forms of teaching, occult and sacred wisdom, flourish here.  Alchemy and magic stregthen, while concepts of empathy and inner knowledge are prevalent.  Rocks, minerals, Winter, Midnight and our planet Earth, are vital energy tools.  The Archangel Ariel, and Starlord Fomalhaut guard and protect while north wind, Boreas and the Nomes may be called for assistance.  Earthtones, green or black, are the associated colors.