The Ultimate Talisman

Two streams of energy converge and the nexus manifests a spark of consciousness, a single point of awareness, comparative opposites.  What we have is an ancient vital place.  An availability of raw power.  The Crossroads.Veve for Legba

How lucky are we for no tender is needed to perform in this mighty zone.  Just a mere scratching in the dirt with a stick can place us in this auspicious territory. 

All things in this creations are the results of the meeting of two choices, one way or another.  This common phenomena exists on every level, from the realm of the invisibles to the largest mountain range, with it's coarsest elements. 

Our most primitive inklings of self-awareness form a crossroad as the result of the intersection of  "me and not me". 

Magical persuatsions throughout the world, celebrate this powerful threshold, each in it's own specific but similiar fashion. 

Classical Roman Mercury sped his way from the worlds of the gods to the land of humans, carrying prayers and messages to and fro.

Celtic Hekate transversed the regions of heaven, earth and the underworld.  She was acclaimed Goddess of the Crossroads.

To gain the favor of Japanese God Chimata-No-Kami, worshippers place his blessed phallus where two roads meet.

Goddess Janus is four-faced, seeing all directions while Egyptian Anibus opened the doors between the living and the dead, allowing ancestoral relations to be treated with respect.

African and South American shamans shape-shift into leopards and jaguars respectively, using the animals as powerful totems to slip quietly between the worlds.

Millions look on, totally missing the mystical message in the mythos of Jesus, who had himself slayed on those crossroad beams.

The ultimate king and owner of the Crossroads, Papa Legba, creating chaos and calm with his club and his tricks, will proudly brag "All the others are just a small part of me.  All things begin and end with me!"