Moon Poems

                                                     Moon Poems by Johanna Jordan

               Her BrightnessLuna

               moon can't help it

               color of breath

               color of death

               color of sun?



               her returning light

               is changed


               yellow to white

               gold to silver

               fire to ice


               used, loved

               she receives

               she returns


               moon can't help it


               Old Moon

                         What if moon coul be

               rounded by your eyes,

               with looking, with loving?

               Imagine its smooth flight beyond clouds

               the other side of earth, over China.

               Think of how moon journeys

               through storms and seasons, its light

               falling, falling.

               Watch it take its knocks unshaken--

               chipped by passing planets,

               star-burned, sun-scorched,

               buffeted by thunderclouds.

               See its edges worn with rolling round.


               Now a pale lopsided pebble like an egg,

               moon will be grateful for your soft eyes,

               luminous, fragile, enduring.


               To Moon (Crescent)

               smooth from the south

               night clouds slide by


               slow as dolphins ride

               moon eye, moon sigh


               moon silence consumed

               with breath, with song

               we swim in your tide and dream


               sweet slender sister moon

               who could resist your silver smile


               Poems by Johanna Jordan .... wise woman, healer, artist, seeker.